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Allure Solid Unisex Perfume Wax

Allure Solid Unisex Perfume Wax

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Indulge in Lasting Fragrance Luxury: Halal Mani Collection💅 Unlock the scent of elegance and purity🌸

🌟Diverse Fragrance Selection: The set includes six distinct fragrances, catering to different preferences and occasions. 🎉

Halal Certified: Each fragrance in the set is Halal certified, ensuring compliance with Islamic principle🕌

✨Long-lasting Scents: Formulated to offer long-lasting fragrance, keeping you smelling fresh throughout the day🌺

💫Solid Perfume or Wax Format: Provides convenience and portability, allowing for easy application on the go.💼

🔥Crafted for the modern man, our collection features bold, masculine scents that exude confidence and sophistication. Experience the allure of our fragrances designed to captivate and attract💪

Package Include:
1x Allure Solid Unisex Perfume Wax
(Pack of 6)